Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm okay!

Thank you to everyone who sent me those kind messages.  It's nice to be reminded there are people who care.  But I really am okay.  I nearly deleted that last post right after I wrote it.  Now I'm glad I left it up.  It's the first time I put some of those feelings into words, even just for myself.  But those feelings aren't new.  They've always been there.  So I'm okay.

I had a funny dream a couple nights ago.  I was in the washroom of a fast food place sitting on the toilet.  I saw a roach run past me and go behind the toilet, which sort of gave me a creepy feeling.  I leaned over to see if I could find the roach and I ended up on my hands and knees next to the toilet.  There were a few roaches behind the toilet but they were dead.  I picked them up anyway, one by one, and reached between my legs to push them into my vagina.  I felt like I didn't want to do that but I couldn't help it.  I wanted to feel dirty. 

So, this being a dream, my pants are not around my knees anymore, they're suddenly just gone.  And I'm crawling on the washroom floor, because now there are roaches scurrying everywhere.  I catch one and stuff it inside me, and then another, another, another, and I'm getting upset because they're hard to catch and I need them all...

That was the whole dream.  I didn't get to cum or anything.  I've never had an orgasm when I dream.  Would I do that for real?  I don't know.  I've surprised myself before.


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  2. Super hot dream!

    If you're interested in that kind of thing, check out some of the works of Arthur Saxon on ASSTR, he's written some similar stuff.

    Was great hearing from you again so soon after your last post, and it sounds like you're doing better, so huzzah! :D

  3. Are you still alive? I was wondering if you were sanctioned and locked up in a psych ward, or if you just ended up dead of septicemia. I think I was wrong on both accounts.

  4. Nice storie bt tbh the best thing fr u to do is to find a man :) these maggots shitt needs to go away pls idont want to see girls like ds ? :( thats jusd me bt yeah cme nz :)

  5. is this true or false show us it truth with a video or pic

  6. That is a beautiful dream - and I am really glad that you are ok. It is good to be true to our nature, a lot of guilt goes away when we do that - though guilt can be fun of course

  7. I have got off more than once on your words of wisdom. I could identify with your actions, but anything would go too far up in me to be able to get them out. I have inserted wires and tubes into my cock and tried my finger, but too small. Oh well...
    I have had the little head stung a few times by yellowjackets. I use to have a wooden privacy fence with knotholes. The neighbor's dog would lick me off...nice!! But several times, I would stick it thru and get stung.. Hurt a little, but swelled a lot. I'd do more insertions if they didn't break or get lost.

  8. You should write about what made you this way, it is always interesting to hear "perverted" things but it just leaves me wondering what happened to you as a child that you never dealt with. obviously this self-deprecating behavior you engage in is your manifestation of a lifetime of specific experiences. do share those? Unless somehow, they are, of all things, too personal for this public

  9. Glad to know more from you, also as much as I hate cockroaches that sounds hot...not something I would do.

    Please keep writing and amazing us with your adventures or just showing up you are still around :D

  10. How are you going Blowfly Girl? Long time without any word from you.

    Happy valentines day.

  11. I was curious if you're familiar with Guro artwork from Japan. It's a combination of the erotic combined with the grotesque, I think you'd really enjoy it.

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